Eraldo Antonini Lectures

29th Meeting, Saint Vincent, (September 26-28, 1983)
M. Brunori (Rome, IT): The hemeproteins in the transport and metabolism of oxygen

30th Meeting, Lacco Ameno d'Ischia (October 7-10, 1984)
A.L. Lehninger (Baltimore, MD, USA): Electron transport and proton translocation by cytochrome oxidase in its natural habitat

31st Meeting, Rimini (September 15-18, 1985)
R. Huber (Martinsried, Germany): The structural basis of photosynthetic light reactions in bacteria

32nd Meeting, Messina-Giardini Naxos (September 28 - October 1, 1986)
Bo G. Malmstrom (Goteborg, Sweden): Cytochrome c oxidase: an electron-transport driven proton pump

33rd Meeting, Brescia-Gardone (September 26-28, 1987)
R. Levi Montalcini (Rome, IT): Contributi multidisciplinari alla scoperta e allo studio del Nerve Growth Factor

34th Meeting, Padova (October 2-4, 1988)
G. Semenza (Zurich, Switzerland): Cell biology of small intestine lactase: towards the identification of the physiopathological mechanisms in the most frequent genetic anomaly in man

35th Meeting, Bari (September 29 - October 3, 1990)
P. Cohen (Dundee, Scotland, UK): The role of protein phosphorylation and dephosphorylation in signal trasmission

36th Meeting, Ferrara (September 10-13, 1991)
R.J. Poljak (Rockville, MD, USA): Structure and specificity in the antigen-antibody reactions

37th Meeting, Perugia (September 23-26, 1992)
C. Croce (Philadelphia, PA, USA): Molecular genetics of human cancer

38th Meeting, Trieste (September 7-10, 1993)
E.H. Fischer (Seattle, WA, USA): Cellular regulation by protein phosphorylation

39th Meeting, Pavia (September 14-17, 1994)
H. Cheung Lee (Minnesota, MN, USA): A calcium signalling pathway mediated by Cyclic ADP-ribose

40th Meeting, Torino (September 12-15, 1995)
J.M. McCord (Denver, CO, USA): Superoxide dismutase and the oxidant/antioxidant balance

41st Meeting, Catania (September 18-21, 1996)
D.E. Vance (Alberta, Canada): Proteins involved in phosphatidylcholine biosynthesis: unexpected regulators of hepatic cell division

42nd Meeting, Ancona (September 24-27, 1997)
C. Weissmann (London, UK): The role of PRP in prion propagation

43rd Meeting, Bari (September 27 - October 1, 1998)
Yoshikawa Shinya (Hyogo, Japan): Crystal structure and reaction mechanism of bovine heart cytochrome c oxidase

44th Meeting, Alghero (September, 10-14 1999)
J.E. Walker (Cambridge, UK): ATP synthesis by rotary catalysis

45th Meeting, Napoli (September 20-23, 2000)
B.L. Vallee (Boston, MA, USA): Metallothionein: past, present and future

46th Meeting, Siena (September 26-29, 2001)
M. Pocchiari (Rome, IT): Prioni e nutrizione

47th Meeting, Palermo (September 16-19, 2002)
G. Rotilio (Rome, IT): Redox regulation of apoptosis signalling

48th SIB Congress, Ferrara 15-18 September 2003
Ernesto CARAFOLI (Padova, IT): The signalling function of Calcium and its regulation.

49th SIB Congress, Riccione 28 September - 1 October 2004
Louise N. JOHNSON (Oxford, UK): Substrate recognition in protein kinases and implications for drug design.

50th SIB Congress, Riccione 27-30 September 2005
Cyrus CHOTHIA (Cambridge, UK): The evolution of the protein repertoire.

51st SIB Congress, Riccione 28-30 September 2006
Andreas PLUECKTHUN (Zurich, CH): Combinatorial and evolutionary protein engineering.

52nd SIB Congress, Riccione 26-28 September 2007
Carl Henrik HELDIN (Uppsala, SWE): Signaling via receptors for PGDF and T6F-β. Possible targets in tumour treatment.

53rd SIB Congress, Riccione 23-26 September 2008
Rino RAPPUOLI (Novartis, Siena, IT) The bacterial pan-genome and the global gene pool.

54th SIB Congress, Catania 23-27 September 2009
Emilia CHIANCONE (Rome, IT) Dps proteins, an efficient means to detoxify iron and protect DNA in the bacterial response to oxidative stress.

55th SIB Congress, Milano 14-17 September 2010
Gennaro MELINO (Rome, IT) The P53 Family

Nel 2011 non fu tenuto il Congresso Nazionale SIB, per via della coincidenza con il 36 meeting internazionale della FEBS a Torino.

56th SIB Congress, Chieti 26-29 September 2012
Maurizio BRUNORI (Rome, IT) Form and substance: morphogenesis of a protein.

57th SIB Congress, Ferrara 18-20 September 2013
Jean Pierre CHANGEUX (Paris, FR) Allosteric properties of pentameric receptor-channels: from bacteria to brain

Nel 2014 il congresso SIB fu tenuto nell'ambito di quello della FISV e non vi fu una Antonini Lecture.

58th SIB Congress, Urbino 14-16 September, 2015
Ada Yonath (Nobel Prize for Chemistry, Weizmann, IL): Resistance to Antibiotics and Preserving the Microbiome

Nel 2016 il congresso SIB fu tenuto nell'ambito di quello della FISV e non vi fu una Antonini Lecture.

59th SIB Congresso, Caserta 20-22 September, 2017
Kurt Wuthrich (Nobel Prize in Chemistry): NMR-from Basic Research to Daily Human Life

Nel 2018 il congresso SIB fu tenuto nell'ambito di quello della FISV e non vi fu una Antonini Lecture.

60th SIB Congress, Lecce 18-20 September, 2019
Sir John E. Walker (Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Cambridge): Regulation, functional analysis and assembly of dimeric ATP synthases in mitochondria

Nel 2020 il congresso SIB fu tenuto nell'ambito di quello della FISV e non vi fu una Antonini Lecture.

61th SIB Congress (in modalita' telematica, 23-24 settembre 2021)
Michele Vendruscolo (Cambridge, UK): Kinetics-based drug discovery for protein misfolding diseases

SIB courses and congresses (2009-2012)
53rd SIB Congress (Riccione 2008)
54th SIB Congress (Catania 2009)
56th SIB Congress (Chieti 2012)
58th SIB Congress (Urbino 2015)
59th SIB Congress (Caserta 2017)
60th SIB Congress (Lecce 2019)