First semester 2019-2020
The teaching classes will be held on Monday (13:00-14:00/14:00-15:00) and Friday (13:00-14:00/14:00-15:00) in classroom E - ex Officine Ortopediche
    Professor   Topics   Lecture
  Bellelli Introduction to the Course. Time table of the lectures and exams.
The logics of diagnosis in laboratory medicine.
#1 Oct. 4  
  Bellelli Biological variability and reference values Errors of measurement. Interference. Quality control. #2 Oct. 7  
  Bellelli Methods for collecting biological samples. Samples for Molecular Biology analyses and pre-natal diagnosis. APP Oct 11
h. 11-13
  Bellelli Methods for Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. #3 Oct. 11  
  Bellelli Hemoglobinopathies and Thalassemias. #4 Oct. 14  
  Angeloni The emocytometric analysis. #5 Oct. 18  
  Angeloni The laboratory medicine in neonatal screening. #6 Oct. 21  
  Bellelli Hemostasis and thrombosis. Methods to analyze blood coagulation and fibrinolysis. #7 Oct. 25  
  La Rocca / Mainiero Transfusion Medicine. #8 Nov. 4  
  La Rocca / Mainiero Histocompatibility testing and transplantation. #9 Nov. 8  
  Bellelli Clinical Toxicology. #10 Nov. 11  
  Modiano Blood And Tissue Protozoa. #11 Nov. 15  
  Modiano Blood Trematodes. Intestinal Protozoa. #12 Nov. 18  
  Modiano Intestinal And Tissue Cestodes. Intestinal Nematodes. #13 Nov. 22  
  Modiano Molecular And Immunological Diagnosis Of Parasitic Infections. #14 Nov. 25  
  Modiano Microbial Zoonoses. Protozoa Zoonoses. #15 Nov. 29  
  Antonelli The microbes and the relationship with the host/Diagnosis of infection and assesment of host defense mechanism. #16 Dec. 2  
  Antonelli Basic Mechanisms of drug resistance and spread or resistant microbes. #17 Dec. 6  
  Antonelli The chronic infections and viral hepatitis. #18 Dec. 9  
  Antonelli Upper and lower respiratory tract infections. #19 Dec. 13  
  Antonelli Sexually transmitted infections / Urinary infections. #20 Dec. 16  
  Antonelli Obstetric and perinatal infections. #21 Dec. 20  
  Antonelli Central nervous system. #22 Jan. 10  
  Antonelli Infections of the skin, soft tissue, eye / Gastrointestinal infections. #23 Jan. 13  
  Antonelli The zoonoses. #24 Jan. 17  
  Antonelli Infections in the compromised host. #25 Jan. 20  
  Antonelli Noscomial infections. #26 Jan. 24